Chennai Floods

#Chennai was washed away and everything stood still...

This had never happened before... nobody was prepared for this.

My child and I were alone and with no electricity and dead phone lines...

I could not reach out to loved ones and they could not reach me...What in the world was happening??

Totally cut off from civilisation...

Life was in animated suspension for two whole days... every moment suspenseful... food supply at an all time low...what would happen now?

Then suddenly the generator struck up and I connected with the world once again.

I watched the news and saw the devastation that had swallowed Chennai...

I learned then that I was in a much better position than thousands of others.

People lost their lives and some even had to helplessly watch as their loved ones were torn away from  their embrace while the merciless floods took everything in its path.

It tore my heart to see this... I started reaching out to volunteers so I could help in whatever small way I could. I donated whatever I could from food, money, clothing to tea and coffee...

Then got a call from Bhavatha who was also having a hard time believing that this had happened to us... We were sad, hurt... and sorry. What better way to bring out our feelings than through the written word and music.

So here began our first song together as a team (I have sung before for many of her compositions) in respect to the departed and in support of the living...

I have had an interesting journey through this song. First off, I turned writer (I have been writing poetry for a while as you can see in my previous blogs albeit not everything I write comes on this blog but just the ones that i truly think deserve to be here for you to read) So in this song I poured my heart out and genuinely felt every word I wrote. Bhavatha had composed the perfect tune for this heart-rending situation and my lyrics flowed with it.

Then came the challenge of having a visual with this song.Thanks to someone who refused to help us out on this, I decided that nothing was going to stop me and decided to turn director and camerawoman. So armed with a our iPhones and iPads Bhavatha and myself took our first step into the world of film making.

After many hiccups and trials (no memory space being the biggest one!) we had a whole gamut of footage. Now what?

Again when approached some one to help edit it, they quoted a whooping amount (which is sad, considering the floods had affected everyone and this should be from the heart FOR YOUR CITY!) Hence I decided that if I can pull-off being behind the camera maybe I could pull-off being an Editor?

The next step was into my house and onto my trusty iMac. God Bless Steve Jobs for making life so simple for us, I was easily (with a few minor hiccups) able to bring out the editor in me :-) I have a newfound respect for editors because everything happens finally at the editors table. An entire movie can fall flat on its face if not edited right. From color to essence its ALL in the editors hands. Big kudos to them.

Another surprise factor in the song is my son Adityaa:-) This is his first ever recording and I'm quite the proud mum. You will see him featured along with the talented Yathishvar, who is the son of KarthikRaja and grandson of Maestro Illayaraja.

So with many feathers in my cap now I'm proud to present to you 'THE RAIN SONG'!!!

Ode to small coffins....

Today I hold my child a little closer
My kiss lingers a little longer
I laugh at his jokes a little harder 
Appreciate his handmade birthday card a little louder...

I'm scared... Scared for my child's future
Why should anyone be a victim of terror
Why should so many innocent suffer?
Why can't the killers be the ones in the coffer?

My tears don't hold back any longer
My heart physically aches at their torture
Burned,shot, beheaded and killed
A hundred and thirty six of them, now chillingly still....

Is there no end to the parents' misery
Their children... now part of a horrific history
They will relive each day in guilt and agony
As the survivors of a religious mockery

I feel your pain and I pray for you
That God will give you the strength to follow through
I'm sorry that I am helpless but remember you are not alone
The whole world has united so justice is atoned

Little angels of God now you are safe
I know you were brutally massacred in the name of faith
Your death is a gruesome reminder of minds revengeful and grim
You are a hero.... Here's your your small coffin...

Dirty Dancing - Isai | S J Suryah | Shalini Singh

My latest release from the film 'ISAI' Composed and Directed by Mr.S.J.Surya. A kuthu song with english lyrics penned by moi... so excited to have had the opportunity to sing and write such a fun filled peppy number. Hope you all like it!

100 years of Cinema

Picture taken at the event celebrating '100 years of Cinema' at Nehru Indoor Stadium. I had the opportunity of taking a pic with the great legend Mr.Yesudas, Sriniji and Manoji.

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Location:Nehru Indoor Stadium

Nalanum Nandiniyum

My song 'Kadhal Veesum Kaatru' from Nalanum Nandiniyum is the first track on the jukebox.

what is consistency????

Many years ago... I would look at an office goer/ 9-5 er and think... they are so lucky... why you wonder...
well... lets go back to when I was 5. It started out as a mere song to be sung on stage, but evolved into a mammoth production were I was required to sing and dance holding the worlds biggest heaviest mic(I wish I had a pic) with a choir of 30 being shot and aired on the only channel then (therefore reigning) Doordarshan for the prime slot! After this, can be read on wikipedia so Im not getting into details, but lets just say life was one rollercoaster... With rehearsals everyday, theatre productions, school, exams, vocal lessons, piano lessons, music theory lessons etc., there was never a dull day and never a day that I could plan... Everything just happened... it still does...
Thus my envy of those who know they have to be at a place at nine and have to leave at 5.... which means their day is planned up to the last minute... they have to wake a particular time, have to start out a particular time, have to get the bus or drive their bike/car a particular time so they can get to where they have to at that particular time... you would call this a routine but I would like to call these series of events- consistency...Life needs consistency and routine makes for consistency... Travelling to and from different time zones for some office goers, might break this routine you say...but its the same thing that you do, the same job the same people you work with, you know what you are there for, you know the people, you know your job,you know your strategies, you know your market plans, you know you will get your paycheck at the end of a month, you know the slimy creeps in your field, you know where you stand with your peers, you know your enemies and 'you know your friends'... life is consistent...
How do you evaluate the consistency of a person in the film world? with its tumultous rides of power, hits and misses... what is consistent about this field? Nothing...
Its a wave... up and down it goes... with no chance of consistency...
Then you start to realize that consistency can be found when you look at the larger picture in life. Consistency in doing what you love, consistency in loving the ones that care for you, consistency in doing the right thing, consistency in never letting go of faith, consistency in rising above all else, consistency in accepting what is wrong, consistency in loving life, consistency in existence...
What are we? a mere spec in the million universes. What power do people talk about? Nothing is constant except change... its the theory of evolution. Nothing and nobody is constant... I feel that there is no consistency outside of us but only... within. A claim to power can only be brought about within ones self and with ourselves. A power of positivity, certainity and one of consistency...

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There are so many things happening around us... new ventures, new inventions,new discoveries.... there is so much to know... on one hand you discover that there are these new #google cars that dont need a driver... and that is instantly stale news when they come out with the new google glass! Felix Baumgartner jumps off the edge of space and an adrenaline junkie Nick Woodman creates GoPro and becomes a millionaire!! Inspiring...
then there are those who are as happy and on top of the world having made their first cake or seeing their waistline decrease... theory of relativity..
. its all in the mind....i suppose...

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Shalini Singh: Video and Print Interview of Shalini in 'The Hindu' Metro Plus

Shalini Singh: Video and Print Interview of Shalini in 'The Hindu' Metro Plus

Video and Print Interview of Shalini in 'The Hindu' Metro Plus

Sudhish Kamath of 'The Hindu' Interviews Shalini

Shalini's interview on Youtube for 'The Hindu'
Another day another milestone...
Chennai Trade Centre had never seen so many people line up for a ticketed event as early 8 am in the morning as it had seen on August 20th 2012...
This was the Concert titled "Be With Me" featuring none other than the Maestro Illayaraja!
Need I even tell you it was brimming with his ardent fans who would do anything to even see him just once in a lifetime. And here was an event which gave his fans the opportunity of hearing him answer just about any question they wished to ask him...!
He started by explaining why this concert was held... One was to get to know the audience personally by talking with them as a friend and the other was to showcase his experiences with some of the songs from its conception, recording,mixing,mastering and finally the end product...
I had to sing 'Yedho Mogam Yedho Dhaagam' for the Concert. Anyone who knows me closely will know that my deep respect and awe for this person makes me just as scared... So standing on stage with him listening to me literally gave me the chills... but looking at it positively... the chill and the shiver worked for this song :-)
The Orchestra was a small 10 - 12 piece one which included the likes of Guitarist Sadha, Violinist Prabhakar, Lead Guitarist Donnan, Flautist Napolean, Tabla Prasad, Navneeth on the keys and Aalaap Raju on Bass.
There were many celebrity fans of Maestro Illayaraja... Producer/Director Gautam Vasudev Menon, Actor/Writer Parthiban,Comedian Vivek, Lyricists Na.Muthukumar and Pazhani Bharathi etc and of course the Maestro's family consisting of Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik Raja and Bhavatharini.
The first onslaught of questions came from Kartik Raja and Yuvan and it was evident the deep respect they have for their Dad.
Then came a myriad of questions from the patient,most well behaved audience.
Then came Gautam Menon's turn to talk about him. His devotion to the Maestro was unmistakable. They spoke alot about 'Nee Dhaan Yen Pon Vasantham' and shared their countless experiences during the making of the songs with the Symphony Orchestra from Budapest, Germany and here in Chennai,Bombay etc...
Gautam Vasudev Menon said that he has never heard 'such a beautiful song in his life' as the one the Maestro had composed for him! He request Raja Sir to sing the song and couldn't control himself and started singing the rest of the song by himself on stage... It was quite a treat for us fans and the song was beautiful...
Then Actor Parthiban came on stage with many more of his own questions and two very unusual ones...
He brought a guitar and said that the Maestro had to play the guitar for a change for his fans...The wole audience cheered and it was very cute to see Raja Sir hide his face behind the guitar and plead to Parthiban not to ask him to play...He said it had been years since he played and he had lost touch...but parthiban wouldn't have it and we all got to listen to the Maestro play even if just for a minute...
The next unusual question was whether the Maestro would be able to compose a tune on-the-spot!
So Parthiban gave him a situation right there on stage and in an instant he was giving instructions to his orchestra to play a loop and then I was called on stage along with Ritha to render the song then and there! Whew! That was as stressful as my board exams! But nevertheless... all was well and I can proudly say now that I have sung 'Two' songs for Maestro Illayaraja :-) (The first was a solo from 'Madhu')
Everytime I would see him, I was just too shy and scared to take a pic with the Legend but this time I mustered up all my courage and now I finally got a pic with him...

Another day another milestone...


Its two day's after our performance at 'Anna Centenary Auditorium' and I can still hear the haunting music of maestro Illayaraja's 'How To Name It'. I seem to be under some sort of spell, because I know Im talking, I know I'm doing different things but...I'm just not there...
Can I give a word that describes this... I think not...
It was an honor to be a part of this musical phenomenon.The audience were spell bound by the compositions and so was I. It brought tears to my eyes...need I say more.

Apart from playing pieces from the album 'How to  Name it' a few selected songs were chosen from the maestro's film collection and performed.Which was how I was a part of it. Om shivoham, Hey unnai thaane, Ninnai Charan Adaindhen, Janani Janani and  Va Va Pakkam Va & Ada Machamulla Machan which I lent my vocals for. Megam Kottatum was performed by the family which included Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik Raja, Premji Amaran and Venkat Prabhu.
The artistes who performed along with me were Sriram Parthasarathy, Haricharan, Priya,Vilasini and Sathyan.
The orchestra was a 40 piece ensemble with some big names like Baleshji, Rajesh Vaidhya, L.Subramaniam's son Ambi Subramaniam (who was phenomenal!) etc.
All thanks goes to the woman behind it all... Maestro's daughter herself Bhavatharini. She brought out the best in everyone with her calm and composed yet firm attitude. She opened the concert with Janani Janani dedicated to her Mother who passed away recently. She also sang a soulful Ninnai Charan Adaindhen.
The guests of Honor where none other than Maestro Illayaraja and Violin Maestro L.Subramaniam. The concert was all the more exciting when both the Greats came on stage and reminisced about their past and shared so many experiences which is every fans dream to know and hear. I certainly was blessed to be in the same vicinity as them, let alone perform in front of them.
Im just not able to recreate the magic that prevailed at the concert on this blog but I can share with you the pieces that were magnificently recreated by the amazingly talented musicians...

ITS CRIMINAL - RA ONE - Tamil Version - Pachai Poove

Feels awesome to have sung with some of the best from Hollywood and Bollywood AKON and Shankar Mahadevan composed by Vishal  - Shekhar for the King Sharukh Khan !!!

'DIL KI HAI TAMANNA' is the name of the song that I have sung in the much awaited movie 'FORCE' starring John Abaraham and Genelia D'Souza directed by NISHIKANTH KAMAT and composed by none other than Mr.HARRIS JAYARAJ with lyrics penned by the absolutely talented JAVED AKHTAR saab.
I have sung this song with VIJAY PRAKASH and NEHA BASIN.

Hope you all like it :-)


My next launch is 'Sooran'. It has been directed by Balu Narayanan and produced by Arowana pictures. Music has been composed by the talented and very enterprising P.B.Balaji. My song is called ' Ethetho Maatram' and has been penned by the director himself. A beautiful melody which is a change from the usual ones I get to sing. Hope you all like it. Let me know what you think...

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Ambuli 3D

A new attempt in Chennai has been made with the production of 'Ambuli' by directors Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan. They are such a quiet duo and were always present during voice mixing giving their inputs and giving me a description of the scenes. I have lent my voice for two songs, one named 'Rock n Roll' by a composer called Sam who has done a couple of movies before and did a nice job of bringing in a retro feel since the situation demanded it. The other is called ' Happy farewell day' composed by Mervin. Strangely, I had chosen Mervin as the winner of the Times Fresh Face contest and years later I got to sing for him... I have sung this in English and wrote the lyrics myself too. Both songs are doing well and I having watched the video for the farewell song i Must say that it's very retro and very interesting.

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Brahms- Poco Allegretto - Sublime...

This piece of music always has been my escape into a divinity so peaceful and magical that is expressed in so many hues, so much melancholy... just like life... sometimes happy ...sometimes sad... sometimes heady and sometimes so full of surprises, the ups the downs.... fast slow...romantic... or just stays in animated suspension... but whatever be the feeling, you are left wanting more and more and the experience is so surreal you want to live it once again... 

An Ode to singer Swarnalathaji...

I was in my 5th or 6th standard then... I heard this beautiful song coming from my neighbors house while I was passing by... it evoked in me some kind of feeling...I was too young to understand what it was, but all I knew was  that I had to hear that song.So I stopped in my tracks and listened... I heard her sing... her voice so tranquil and yet so melancholic, it teased and soothed all at once. It had resonance beyond all levels and I had to hear her again... That song... that melody that she sang with so much emotion... and dear reader, I did not even know the language then. It was a song composed by the amazing IR and sung by Swarnalatha... The song was 'Kuyil Paatu' from the movie 'Yen Rasavin Manasiley' starring Rajkiran and the demure Meena. 

I was floored to say the least. I could not get enough of this pristine voice. And what versatility she had...she could croons sweet melodies like Kuyil paatu and Maalaiyil yaaro and render a complete opposite of that in songs like 'Mukkaala Mukabala' and 'Aatama Therotama' with equal ease.

I had performed with her on several occasions and I was in awe of her humility and down to earth nature.
She was so famous then, and I just a beginner, I was thrilled at having a seat next to her. I did try to tell her how much her voice had created such an immense impact on me, but I don't think my words could do justice to what I really felt... I was so excited and shy to actually reveal to her my love for her beautiful voice. I had kept stealing glances at her wanting to know more about her, how her voice sounds while talking, how she warmed up before a performance, did she drink something special for her vocal chords to be soothed after a performance, did she pray before going on stage... practically everything to do with her voice. And I noticed her personality which gleamed and made me take notice of, even though I was more interested in her voice. She was a gem, so unassuming and level headed that it could catch anyone off guard. She was even more shy than I was and when I told her 'I love your voice' (which was all that I could tell her considering I was too young and too shy myself) she replied a timid 'Thankyou' which was just a decibel above a whisper but with a beaming smile that made me feel so comfortable to be with her. It was her turn to perform and she sang the song 'Yevano Oruvan' from Alaipayuthey which left me completely mystified...
This magical voice is no more... and I feel remorse in my heart...because I truly love her voice and I cant imagine that I will never hear another song from her again...
I am only pacified by the fact that her songs still live on and memories of her acquaintance will remain with me for all time... 
May her soul rest in peace...
P.S. - What is your favourite song of Swarnalathaji ?
Listen to the music and read the post if you like.

Sometimes life seems like a huge room where you are like an air balloon... you are sometimes pushed high up into the air and then gravity pulls you down...and on some occasions you bump into another balloon and into another and this can either push you up or bring you down...but until you have your air within you... the possibilities are endless...
My image of life varies depending on countless factors like surroundings, locality, age, relationships, time, career, responsibilities etc... but I realized that whatever maybe the factors, the one thing constant was 'me'... Yes I have evolved and will continue to evolve until by breath is within me but I have come to know that life can be devastating and incredibly fascinating all at once. Could there have been something that I should have done differently, how would that have changed my life, should I be ecstatic at the things that I have which so many can only dream of or should I be angry at all those that I dont have and was not entitled to because of factors that were beyond me, things that I could not help...what about all those things that I did not ask for, which just happened... and how about those things that I really want and were not given to me... Was it something that I did right at one point which made everything perfect and could those same things prove absolutely detrimental to my very basics now... Is this how its supposed to be or this some dream... should I wake up to another life or should I stay this way... How could life be so melancholic... maybe life loves hypocrisy... Maybe its all meant to be, the ups the downs, the laughter the pain, the anger and the love, the innocence and the cruelty, it all has to be there, it all has to take its course to build this life we have... build memories maybe... build our future selves, to change us mould us, culminate our existence with decades of unanswered questions, immense happiness and random thoughts such as these...   There could never be a yesterday again and there could never be a tomorrow have to face your life NOW...! whether you are up for it or not, whether your mind body or soul just cannot fathom another day like this, or you never want this to end,  whether you feel your whole world has crashed and can never be fixed the same way again or you are so satisfied with the way your life is that nothing more can fulfill it anymore... you have to go on, life could be even better tomorrow or could be so much more worse than now... so just hang in there and never let go of the air in will do just fine...


I have just come back after watching the preview of the much awaited flick "Ravanan".I am still floating in the intensity and emotion of this absolutely brilliant work.Mani Sir has proved beyond doubt why he is the King...Its not the run of the mill boy meets girl-fall in love-gets beaten up-then suddenly realizes he has the super power to beat up 10 guys 10 times his size-then gets the girl and live happily ever after!!! Far from it! This story has the intensity that can light a fire! It has the emotion that can make you love the character or loathe it and then completely change your mind...Here the bad guys are actually the good ones and vise versa...Performances by Vikram,Prithvi and Ash were astounding!Vikram showed the world why he was in a Mani flick...He was brilliant beyond words! Prithvi was the best bet for his role and did absolute justice to his character.His acting skills are profound...Ash can open and close her eyes and say a million things!Her effervescent presence filled every frame that she was in.Prabhu and Karthik were strong pillars of support to the main characters and they played their part with elan. Being veterans,they definitely made their prominence felt. Priyamani was resplendent in beauty and acting!Though she had a smaller role,she proved her mettle and definitely deserves to be among the distinguished actresses of today.A special mention about Vayapuri who had played the role of a eunuch to the hilt.I dont think he has done something like this before,but he was also definitely appreciable.
Rahman Sir's music was exceptional! It completely was in line with the theme of the movie.The background score was illustrious and magnificient.
Frankly speaking this movie may not be to the liking of all movie goers as most people expect loads of masala...This is pure Cinema! Hats off to Santhosh Shivan's cinematography, which was splendid beyond doubt! and Mani Sir...We love your work and await your movies with bated breath...! I am so lucky to have been able to sing my first song for Rahman Sir for your film Ayidha Yezhathu...We want more!!!!

Nothing But Wind Concert

Nothing But WindNothing But WindNothing But Wind
Saturday June 05 2010 will be a red letter day for all Illayarajaji's fans.Here is a concert with a difference...It will be the first time pieces will be played from Mr.Raja's phenomenal album 'Nothing But Wind'.I was at the rehearsals and it seemed as if heaven and divinity had decended on Prasad Studios. This concert will also feature 7-8 hand picked songs from his film collection.One of which Im thrilled,honoured and proud to be performing.Its "Idhu Oru Nila Kaalam" from the film Tik Tik Tik.The others who will feature in the concert are Haricharan,VenkatPrabhu,Swetha and a few others.There will also be a rendition of "Gumsum Gum" from Paa by the woman behind the whole event Bavadharini.
Tickets are available at Landmark and will also be available at the venue which is the Music Academy on the day of the event.
I found an interesting video for you to watch...

Power cuts seem to have a plus side these days...what could it be you ask?? well... here's my story...
Power cut, sweltering summer,everybody's running to open their respective doors and windows at home and then we realize that we have an inverter,ah! thank God!but how long till the power comes on? nobody knows...we have to conserve the battery so it lasts longer,and so we all decided to stay in the hall with one light and fan...My son Adi decides to bring his balloon along and I decided to blow some more of them,so by the end of 5 minutes we had around 10 balloons of all possible colors bouncing off everything making Adi squeal with joy and making all the others which constisted of my niece,my sis in law,my bro in law,my father in law, mother in law and moi to start playing balloon,(Imagine everyone trying to throw and catch at the same time!).My cook decided to make some chilled orange flavoured Rasna to 'beat the heat' so to say and my Sis in law decided to play some fabulous music Kishore hits,LAtha,Asha then on to some classical M.S.Subbulakshmi,Sudha Raghunathan,Bombay Jeyshree,Priya sisters,over to old tamil movie songs by Janaki,Susheela,S.P.B,Yesudas etc... Everybody was laughing and playing all at once and I just stood and reminisced for a moment,is this what we are missing, when everyone is busy in their own zones and carrying on with their respective lives?? What a major loss! Is this what is lost in todays families,when the parents are busy on their phones and laptops doing official work.They bring work home and stay up late or wake up in the wee hours of the morning to complete deadlines or overcome backlogs?? Children are happy watching TV and parents are even happier to be left alone to continue their 'WORK'.With everybody needing their space,they end up in different rooms and there's just no connection anymore...
This incident made me sit up and think how much we are missing...Its the small things in life that give true happiness and peace.Chit-chatting over a chilled glass of juice,playing balloon and having it burst in your face, then having a hearty laugh.Its just so much worth a power cut :-)
Yesterday I was driving down to Egmore on some work and stopped by the signal near Ampa Skywalk.There was this beggar who was standing in the Chennai heat and begging everyone who kept turning him down and it seemed that he would dehydrate and fall down any second. I felt so sorry for him that I decided to give him 50 rupees as opposed to the usual 10/- that I give to the younger beggars.Then the most strangest thing happened, he showed me an ICICI ATM payment advice of Rs.5000 and then showed his torn shirt and said that someone robbed him of his money that he drew and HE EXPECTED ME TO GIVE HIM THAT MUCH MONEY!!! I was mortified!! How on earth do people come up with such ridiculous situations??!!
Yesterday I went to Apollo Hospital for my cousin who had to get a scan done. The entire hospital was brimming over with people from all parts of India and there were absurdly long queues with everyone speaking over the other and all in different languages!!! LOl...It was chaotic.Anyway coming to the point.We were asked to fill in a registration form for 'Necessary Details' and we were asked for which caste we were !!! How does it matter?/?? really!! I would that be a necessary detail.I was so put off! I wanted to leave it blank but then decided to write down Hindu/Christian/Muslim now what?? Then we were asked how much annual income we earned!!?? atleast that I can understand for people below the poverty line,because maybe...just maybe theres some free medication or rebated medication but then for the others it seems as if these people are fleecing every penny out of them and they ask for how much we earn so they can fleece accordingly I suppose...Within a simple scan and doctors visit,you would be down by atleast 5000/-!!
No doubt the best medical services and doctors are available here but in many other services they have to improve and advance...

Time and Space Bound???

Ever feel that there's just not enough time,or that you just needed more space or a better place to do something,or something was just not possible????? well...i did think all these things until... I met this person...He is 75 years old,he is a salesman till date and was at the event that I was performing for to pick up his Award for Best Dealer.Compared to everyone else he has the smallest shop and he sells the most which is 30,000 units every year!I was truly inspired.I definitely felt that I was just giving myself excuses all these days...So I started with trying to write this blog! Yes my son is screaming his head off because I'm not looking at him and he has thrown all his toys on the floor( which will take hours to get back into their boxes) to entertain himself,I have heaps of clothes to keep in their shelves,loads of cleaning up to do and I have exactly 5 minutes to finish this blog as I have to give him his dinner,but I did it! yeyy! Try it!
P.S.-Did get to watch Avatar again today and it was brilliance personified! Will tell you about that probably when I put him to sleep and not doze off as I do everyday.Somehow man in the mirror is playing in the back of my head right now."If you want to make the world a better place,just look in the mirror and .... change!"

VinnaiThaandi Varuvaaya

Very rarely does a film come your way that makes you reminisce about it for hours...One such film is Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. This film made me feel happy,sad,romantic,butterflies in my stomach,anger,curiosity...etc,etc.... an amalgamation of emotions to say the least.I felt like a teenager watching this movie.So full of realism,an abundance of simplicity and every single frame of the film was so intriguing that I did not even want to blink.I absolutely loved the Simbu-Trisha duo.They are my favourites now. Trisha has always been classy and Simbu has proved beyond doubt that he can be a class act.Im so in love with the movie that Im going to book tickets right away to watch it again.The songs are brilliant and so much in sync with the movie.I love every single song in the movie.Rahman Sir at his best here too.Neither the songs nor locales look out of place and there's not a single line,song or scene in the movie thats unnecessary.No high pitched women screaming profanity,no men bellowing curses,no over-the-top fight scenes and the biggest surprise,no happy ending... This movie is the truth, a love story thats the case with many today.Yes,I would have loved it to end happily but the director is so smart,he gives us two endings one that he wished happened and then the real end,so in our mind we have also seen a happy ending and we dont feel that a stereo type ending is missed. Gautham Menon has given us a fabulous movie and I would like to congratulate him on his Script that had no flaws at all.I felt like I was watching something happen near my house and to my friend.I could relate to the characters and everything in VTV so much.So Kudos to the entire VTV team for making such a memorable film.I love it!

Double Century-Sachinnnn!!

What an Innings!!! What a match!!!
I loved it!

Sachin was always a favourite and even after 20 years this man can break records!
He has repeatedly made history and he has certainly made us all so proud.
Even on such a high plane of success he,without being greedy for all the attention, made it a point to bring the names of Dhoni and Yusuf Pathan as part of the success ratio in the match.
I loved that he dedicated his double century to us Indians for standing by him for the past 20 years. This is one grounded human being. Kudos Sachin!

Rahmanji bags TWO GRAMMIES!

Mon, Feb 1 08:58 AM
Feb 1 has turned out to be another proud moment for us as music maestro A R Rahman struck gold once again, bagging two trophies at the 52nd Grammy Awards @ Los Angeles for his music in ''Slumdog Millionaire''. Rahman, has already won a Golden Globe and two Academy awards, and has won in both the categories he was nominated for!
Rahmanji was the earliest winner in the best compilation soundtrack for a motion picture category and chalked up another trophy for his song "Jai Ho" in the best motion picture song category moments later. "This is insane, God is great again," an ecstatic Rahman said while accepting the golden gramophones.
Rahman beat Steve Jordan for "Cadillac Records," Quentin Tarantino for "Inglourious Basterds", the producers of "Twilight"(absolutely loved this sountrack too) and "True Blood" to bag the award in the best compilation soundtrack for a motion picture category. In the best song category Rahman''s rivals included Bruce Springsteen for his song "The Wrestler," from the Oscar-nominated movie of the same name.
The other Indians to recieve the Grammy would be Pandit Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain.
Keep making us proud Rahman Sir. You are a the best and we all love you :-)

My Adi and hubby Balaji

Finally the pics are here!
Strangely,Adi reminds me so much of dad...

Cognizant- Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the bands happened at Cognizant last month where I got a peek into corporate life a wee bit.Cognizant has been on a spree to spruce up corporate life with loads of music and activities.They want to continue the tradition of culturals which get left behind somehow,once corporate life starts...There were rock bands,classical bands,fusion bands,gospel bands,tamil ones,hindi ones,malayalam,english ofcourse...i mean,name it and CTS had it! So they decided that I had to judge since I was comfortable with all genres and languages.Thankyou guys for having that trust in me.I was there from the prelims until the finals.These were the pics from the very first day.It was pouring like cats and dogs,rain kept pelting down so hard that sitting in my car,it sounded like a million stones being thrown on a tin roof! It was scary and mesmerizing all at once...What could make that better? well... some beautiful songs and some good vocals.I had it all that day :-)

Times Fresh Face 2010 @ M.C.C.

The Contest Fresh Face 2010 held by the Times Group is on in full swing.Its happening in many colleges across the city and other metros as well.You can showcase whatever talent you have and who knows…you could be the next Fresh Face of Chennai or Bangalore or any other! I cant remember having anything of this sort even 6-7 years back… Its absolutely amazing the kind of competitions that are taking place today Its everywhere! Be it if you are aspiring to be a singer /dancer/RJ/VJ/Chef/ etc etc etc its anywhere!!! at college/school/hotels/malls etc etc etc…

It was great to be back in MCC after a long time…I definitely expected more contestants but the contestant that came definitely made up for everyone who couldnt show up because of classes taking place then… I am amazed at the different voices that are churning out off late and the varied styles of dancing that are being performed like absolute Professionals.Its good,really.Kids are really taking things seriously these days :-)


I know...I Italicknow... There's just no possible excuse for this delayed wish.But better late than never eh? I have been thinking of wishing you all from day one of 2010 and if its the thought that counts, then I have wished you all 11 times already!!! lol...
May this year bring you all that your heart desires,loads of success,good health and wealth.May this year also bring you huge humongous bonuses and perks,with a double raise in your salaries and a double promotion and ofcourse, may you win a multi-crore lottery!!!! whew!! That should do for this year I think :-)

Adi's First Birthday!

I cant believe a year has passed since little Adi was born! November 4th was that special day and we had a great time.We had a party on the terrace where we put up huge bright pink PVC tents with over 300 balloons and got some fabulous Chinese,South and North Indian food catered by Uncle Sams Kitchen.Though we had heavy rains (which decide to show its gloomy head only on that day) only few people could not turn up.We had a great time with over 40 kids and loads of fun and games arranged by my friend and planner Arthi.
I dont think anyone will forget Adi's birthday.The rains did try to play spoilt sport but we came through and had a blast!


Here's wishing you all a Happy and Safe Diwali!
May there always be reign of Prosperity and Good Health in your lives...
Always make sure you buy crackers that has no child labour involved.
Please be extra careful while lighting crackers from your previous years stock.If they dont burst,dont go near them to check whats wrong,just let it be and forget about it :-)

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Hey there everybody,
Hope all is well with you guys!
Last weekend saw the channel Isai Aruvi bring out a well organized musical event by Social Media which a lot of us were a part of.The show had Harish Raghavendra, Suvi, Rita,Navin,Madhumita and me.Tejashree and Chaya Singh gave some scintillating dance performances.The crowd was brimming at the Chennai Trade Centre and the show was a grand success rainbow

Holy Angels 75th Year Alumni Celebrations



It was a beautiful rainy day and my school Holy Angels celebrated its 75th Anniversary.My school brought back memories of those good old days when life was plain and simple.

The Platinum Anniversary Celebrations started at 2pm and went on till the late evening.It was such a trip down memory lane and I felt so refreshed at the sight of old friends seniors and juniors.I enjoyed the company of all the alumni’s and also the special programs put up by the juniors and a classical rendition by Gayathri.I too performed a couple of numbers and as you can see,we all had a blast!

I have always been very proud of being a Holy Angel :-) and I was even more proud that such eminent personalities like Indra Nooyi (Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo), Prithika Chary (First and Only Lady in India to be Qualified both as a Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon),had studied in my this very same school.

My school years will always be the best years of my life…

Hi Everyone,
After a very long time I have decided to come back on television with Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 on Star Vijay.It was certainly a daunting task as most of the kids were just amazingly talented.We are having a tough time selecting the better singers.A special mention about the parents who take so much of trouble that they sing the lyrics of the song along with their child,they teach them a few movements to go along with it(oh yes! you will see them doing the step in their seats),they are exuberant when their child is selected,they cry when they see their child crying but put a brave face in front of their child to give them the support they need at that tender moment... And on a lighter vein,there was this one 6 year old who was told that we (th judges) had the keys to the beach and on being selected we would give him a pass and he could enter it.So Innocent...
Sometimes I hate my job as I have to reject some children and the look at you with such pain in their eyes that you feel you are a villian on a away-taking away their only hope and all.God! Its just too much to take sometimes.I feel terrible for all those who havent made it to the next rounds,but all I can say is that this is like an o[pportunity to work on their skills and come back bigger and better :-)


India is riding high with the success of Chennai's very own A.R.Rahman.He has made us all proud by putting Indian music on the global music scene.

Slumdog Millionaire' sweeps eight Oscars at the 81 st Academy Awards including Best Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography,
Sound Mixing, Film Editing, Original Score, Original Song, Direction and Motion Picture. Indian music maestro A R Rahman brings home two awards with his Jai Ho... composition.


Best Picture: Producer Christian Colson for Slumdog Millionaire. “It has been collaboration between hundreds of people. All of us are here to share this moment. This was an extraordinary journey,” says the Slumdog... team.

Best Direction: Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Original Song: A R Rahman and Gulzar for ‘Jai Ho...’ (Slumdog Millionarie)

The Indian music maestro, Rahman wooed the audience with ‘O Saya’ and ‘Jai Ho...’ the nominated songs from ‘Slumdog...’, as the nominees for Best Original Song were being announced.

Best Original Score: A R Rahman for Slumdog Millionaire . “I have nothing but my mother and she is there with me. I thank her for making me coming all this way with her blessings,” said a proud Rahman.

Best Film Editing: Chris Dickens for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Sound Mixing: Ian Tapp, Resul Pookutty and Richard Pryke for Slumdog Millionaire. “This is just not a sound award, but a history being handed over,” said Indian receiver Pookutty.

Best Cinematography: Anthony Dod Mantle for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Adapted Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy for Slumdog Millionaire. “The cast and crew of the film told me so much about India and writing,” said a proud Beaufoy.

Humility and hard-work personified,Rahman richly deserves all the laurels bestowed on him.
May God bless him with good health and good music always...
Hi everybody!
Hope all is well with all of you...
Thanks for all the comments and wishes.
Life is one long rollercoaster ride with the little addition.Day seems to merge into night and I dont even realize when it happens.This is the busiest time of my life and the most beautiful experience ever.Even when you wake at 2am in the morning,it seems so worthwhile when you see your little one give you a big toothless smile and makes all sorts of gurgles when he sees you.
On the professional front,I have not yet started to do anything yet.I am missing out loads of opportunities,but I am not feeling one bit sad about it.I dont feel like leaving my son even for a minute.But yes nevertheless,I will have to start work soon so I have decided to enter the scene in Jan sometime.
Some releases are Pattalam,Pulan Visaranai(Part 2),Newtonin Moondraam Vidhi,Theeyavan
some unreleased ones are Lingapuram,Sarithiram,Rajadhi Raja in tamil.
Casanova for Gopi Sundar with Blaaze in Malayalam
2 songs in kannada for the movie Chikpetey Sachagaloo

And one big change is my son's name.In my previous blog I wrote his name as Pranav,but we have changed it to Aditya.
I will be putting up some pics soon.
Take care and God Bless!!


Well,as the title suggests,I delivered a baby boy on November 4th and just got some time off to update you guys on it. We have named him Pranav.Everything is well and hopefully I should get some sleep in a months time.this is the most demanding and satisfying experience of a lifetime nevertheless.
Yes you could say its a bizzare coincidence that its a boy,with the recent demise of my dad.
Thanks for all your love and regards.
Will try and update again soon.
God Bless.

Long break come to an end...

Hi everybody,
Im most sorry for just being completely out of blogging for so many months.My dear father's sudden demise was a rude shock to me and since then I have not been able to write to anyone leave alone blog about my current happenings.
Its strange sometimes how life can throw two radically opposite emotions and situations,a melancholy of sorts,right before us and you cant justify either.My dad's demise and the fact that I am pregnant leaves me feeling a chaos of emotions.A sense of guilt prevailed when I felt depressed about my dad, that it would affect and stress out my baby and on the other hand it seemed so unfair that I felt so happy on feeling my baby kick or see it on a scan when my dad so recently passed away.But with the help of my in-laws and my ever supportive husband,I have come out of this turmoil.
My heart will always be filled with wonderful memories of my dad,of all the times we laughed together,of all the times I made fun of his english and tamil(he being from U.P.),of all the times I got solid beatings from him for doing my math wrong(he being an aeronautical engineer) and for all the wonderful advice he always gave me...
My daddy was a very strong man and loved his family more than anything in this world.I wish I could have spent more time with him and taken more care of him.But alas,fate always has something else planned for us.
My advice to all of you is to never delay doing something for your loved ones.Dont push things for tomorrow as you can never get back lost time...
Now my focus is the new life that is coming into our family and all preparations are on for it.
Will keep you posted on whats latest


Here's to all who have been waiting for Dasavatharam.As all of you might know its releasing on april 25th,this friday!
Im thrilled and excited to get the CD in my hand and see my name in it lol...It was a two year long process for me to have sung the Hindi,Tamil and Telugu versions of my song in Dasa. I was approached for the song and was told that they were not too sure if my voice would suit the song but nevertheless wanted me to sing it in hope that it worked out...As if that was not enough pressure,there 10 minutes before the stated time of recording was the man Kamalji himself pacing up and down the studio with Gauthami sitting on the side with a pensive look.K.S.Ravikumarji came in and handed over the lyric with a serious look and then they started to explain the theme of the it was going to be picturised and on whom and what was the feel they were looking for...Then I came to know that there were english lyrics to be sung in the beginning and my mother being a writer for various projects and a song writer for many english albums,ventured to write the songs first 16 lines.
I was obviously on cloud number 9 but was still reeling under the pressure to perform well enough to be the final singer of the song... I heard the song and I was thrilled as it was a very interesting bollywood commercial dance song.I knew that I would do my best and my mother encouraged me saying that it did not matter what happened after this but right now I had to concentrate and bring out whatever talent I had and put my every ounce of effort to deliver the best result that no one can beat.That was what I needed to hear.I took a deep breath and said that I was ready to try a take...I did not think of anything except the song and what I could do to enhance every word.Then came Vairamuthuji in his signature white and white kurta pyjama.After pleasantries were shared between all of us he stayed on for a while to listen to the song and then left saying that this has to be a hit.It did feel great but I could not lose my concentration yet.Once Kamalji was sure the song was going on the right track he left.K.S.Ravikumarji was there throughout to tell me how he wanted it and then the song was done...
Everybody liked it and said the song was great but I could never bring myself to be thrilled as nobody knew what was to happen to the song next.
A year and a half went by with many rumours doing the rounds and me in constant anticipation of what was to be...
Then I get a call out of the blue saying I had to fly to Bombay to record the Hindi and Telugu versions of my song from Dasavatharam.My excitement knew no bounds.Now I was thrilled to say the least! This was the best thing I had heard and I was ecstatic but then i calmed down and realized that this was going to be a big break for me in Hindi and Telugu and I had to focus on getting the same feel and vocals that I had done almost two years back! Due to time constraints Hariharanji and myself recorded the songs in Kodhandapani (SPBjis studio) theatre itself and all was done... Now the wait for the release of the much awaited album happened with many rumoured dates and constant anticipation.
Then finally I get a call stating the release was actually happening by Then I see my name in the Times of India newspaer stating my name in the list of those who have rendered their voices for Dasavatharam.I was very happy to see my name alongside the likes of Kamalji himself,Hariharanji,Himeshji,Mahalkshmi Iyer and Sadhana Sargam.
And I had to share my experiences with all of you...

Do let me know what you think when you listen to it.

My MotoRazr Phone!

Im sitting working on my comp and I realize its been about two hours and my phone has not rung! Then I thought Id look to see if the battery was down or something and yup my phone was off.So I charged it for a few minutes and decided to turn it on.Nothing happens.I keep on trying and still no sign... So i decide to let it be for some more time like about an hour. And still nothing.Im totally freaking out by now to know what the hell is wrong with my phone.
Im using another phone but all my numbers are stored on this one and I feel totally helpless because I dont remember anyones number and if I need something I cant even get anybodys help.GAWWWD!! Totally frustrating! Does anybody know why this happened??
Going to service my phone now.I hope my numbers on the phone memory dont get deleted...

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