Music is here!

Hi all,
For all those who have been bugging me to put up my music...HERE IT IS!!! (applause...)
I have linked my blog to sites that have my music so you can listen and comment(obviously only good comments appreciated.Just Kidding people!)
And an added bonus would most certainly be my favourite books and movies.I have actually taken the trouble to find the sites related to it for your better view it!!
Hope these sites help in bringing out alot of new and interesing reads and hears(if I may say so!)
Do let me know what else you would like to see on my blog and your "wish shall be granted"(in true fairy-God-Mother terms...)
Thanks alot for all yur support and comments...
Keep Smiling and Blogging ofcourse...


Rati said...

Hey Shal! Great to see you bringing out another talent of yours - Writing! Nice blogging. Keep it going and keep smiling! cheers , Rati

Vijay Krishnan said...

hi shalini!
stopped pouring out ur thoughts.

junkunlimited said...


nice to have bumped into ur blog!!i din't know singers would have other interest!!!in fact i din't believe when i saw a orkut profile with ur pic!!i thought it was jus co incidence of name!!
appreciate your courage to be out on a public site with no psuedonyms!!

"BLOG UPDATED" (plz..plz..leave ur comment)plzzzzzzzzz....:(

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