Out Of Sight Out Of Write!

Hi All,
Sorry for the delay in posting a blog...
I have been on "Mission Singing" for a while but the main culprit of this all is my darling PC for conking off at the drop of a hat or a small wire in my case! Have been getting some mails from some people wondering what I am up to.Well,for all those people...I have been doing some singing, some travelling and some hmmm....well nothing else actually....Oh!yes! some reading!
Memoirs Of A Geisha.Haven't read it fully to comment,but it sure is a captivating and engrossing piece of work.
I will be in Singapore for the next week performing with Vijay Yesudas,Naresh Iyer and Ranjith so all people who would like to see the show - you are very much Invited(those in singapore) and for my other fans,I will try to take some pics and upload them onto the blog for you to view.
There is website for it too called "Vasanthaoli.com"
Im really happy with all your letters pouring in.Do keep writing in and please do post your comments.

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