Kudos Kiddies...

Hi Y'all,
How are you all doing?? Hope life is treating you fair.
Just thought I must blog about this really fantastic performance that I watched this evening.
It was most certainly one of the most perfect and cute performances ever.It was by the juniors of Vaels Matric High called the Billabongers.The entire 2 hour performance was filled with African tribal dances to Barathanatiyam to Kathak...you name it and it was there.The show also featured 2 plays one in English and one in Tamil.The fascinating thing was that there were NRI and foreign children from various nationalities like Chinese,Korean,American etc who were incorporated in the Tamil skit and actually spoke the Tamil language very fluently.It was a nice feeling to see foreigners speak our language for a change.well...this all comes to prove that the world is getting more and more interconnected in a million ways with every moment and every nano second... These children showed me today,how much times have changed and how close we are to bridging the gap between various countries and their languages,cultures traditions etc...It just takes a thought and the necessary action to make changes that make an imprint in so many lives for the rest of time to come...Think about it...Lets try to make a change in at least one persons life within this lifetime...Satisfaction guaranteed!!!


Yuva said...

By collaborating, Breughel, Rubens found
a way to celebrate the world’s diversity,
which is so prolific and profound
that's few teaching from my life's university...


btw: accidentally landed here.. glad to know you blog. do it often possible. and do stop by when time permits.. fly, free & high.. cheers

Vijay Krishnan said...

hi shalini. after a long long time u blog right. we can feel happy that our culture is appreciated much by foreigners. but just think how we are spoiling our culture. i personally feel bad that we loose all our traditions, like arts, clothing,habits etc,. What do you think?

Saravanan said...

Hi Shalu,

I hope you don't mind me calling you in short so. A Big HI!!! 2 YOU, me being a music lover. Nice knowing you thru ur blog. Yes, we shall change the whole world by implementing that change in every one of us. This is what my master often tells Change yourself and the world will Change. Let us walk towards it.

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