Good Fun

Hi Y'all,
Thanks for all the wonderful comments and wishes.The show was a grand success! You will be getting to watch the entire event on one of the channels soon.It was rocking!All of us had so much fun during the show and otherwise....
All the artistes had a good rapport and it was a very well rendered show by all artistes.The crowd did not move until we stopped and said goodnight.It was about 11.30pm by then.
The only unfortunate thing was that I could'nt sing "Mudhal Naal - Unaale Unaale" because of lack of time.But anyway,had fun doing my other songs as always.
Today was another day that I spent in awe of the fantastic singing talent of the Chennai kids on the show called "Little Masters" put up by Jaya tv.There were some extraordinarily talented children who will most certainly make it big in the industry one day.
Todays event was judged by the extremely talented singer and dubbing artiste S.N.Surendarji and me.It is always nice to learn from senior singers who are packed with so much information,experience and knowledge.
Alrighty then people... gtg.Will catch up with you guys real soon again...


Frank said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your computer desk.
I'll publish on my blog!.
And if you want I can link your blog on mine!



Hey shalini ,
Looks like lots have been going on !
Cool!Hope to read abt more stuff soon ! Njoy !

New Blogger said...

Oh Madam Shalini,
Ur show is seeming for a big success. Wow! What a beauty for the voice for nightingale. I am listening for ur musics every nights before I am beddings.

Pradeep said...

I am not great fan of people but music. Felt bad for it and started lately to appreciate singers for their hardship. Was hearing to the song Mudhal Naal and wondered who would have sung this and searched to land in your blog and found your comment on the same song.. :D .. Guess that would be most like by your fans..

Anyways.. an awesome song and voice.. Thank you very much!

puvanan said...

Hi Shalini..

My first time to your blog. Nice blog and preety cool.. keep it up! Hope to read more of your experience in music world. :)


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