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Hi everybody,
Hope alls well with all of you.All of you must be wondering whats up with me.Its been ages since I could write to you all.Well,as of now Im in Toronto-Canada for two shows,then will be heading to Montreal for another one,next stop is at Calgary for a show.Before coming to Canada I was in the U.S for a show in North Carolina in a place called Raleigh.After Calgary on the 23rd we will be heading back to NewYork and New Jersey for two shows and then head back to my favourite place called home...!
We are having a great time here with loads of time to look around and shop :-)
The shows so far have been good and a few of these shows are charity events from which the proceeds will go to rebuild an entire village.Im happy that I was asked to be a part of such a good cause and looking forward to meeting the villagers later in the year.
The place is beautiful and really cold and Im stuck with a terrible cold now but thats ok.
I think we will be going to the Niagara Falls tomorrow.I have seen it before but im sure it will always be an awe inspiring experience.
So thats whats happening in a nutshell.Will keep you guys posted on whats next.
Love you all...
If any of you know any other places that I could visit do let me know.



Hey there !! Looks like you've got a loong trip ahead of u before heading home !! Thats nice !!
Well ,In Toronto , I know of Kensington Market & Spadina Avenue , Sky Dome , Yorkville , Royal Bank Plaza , The CN tower and there are lots more places but cant really remember them now ! So hope you have fun ! Hope to hear from u soon ! Do take care of urself !..

iamyuva said...

good luck with tour

vel said...

hey madam,
may i knw d exact dates for ur show in NYC..really excited to njoy a tamil show here in US

Arul Prasad said...


Saw you perform in Singapore last night. Loved the show! Personally, had an awesome break from an otherwise workaholic lifestyle ;o)
I clicked a few pictures of you guys on stage. Check it out here:

and here:

And nice to see you take interests in blogging. Looks like you post once a month. May be this months post should be about the singapore event ;o)

Best regards,
Arul Prasad.

rati said...

Yes I know one- Seattle!!!

your friend,

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