'Chandralekha to Chandramukhi' in Singapore

Hi y'all,
Once agin sorry for the delay :-)
Had a crazy month travelling from one country to another.But most certainly enjoyed every bit of it.After the gigs in the U.S.A and Canada I came to India two weeks back and went last friday to beautiful Singapore.I have been there almost 8-9 times so much so that I know where is what.Almost ofcourse...
We had a fantastic show called 'Chandralekha to Chandramukhi' headed by Suhasini Manirathinam.It was a great concept wherein we had to sing songs right from the 1940's to 2007.So for a change I got to sing some golden melodies apart from singing my own ones.There were also dancers from the 'Flashback'academy who performed medleys of the hits from every era with the same dancing styles and costumes.It was a treat for the eyes.We had only two days there as I had to come back for some recordings that were lined up so all of us decided we would shop the entire night till it was time to leave for the airport.We finished the show at about 11.30 and by the time we left it was about 12.ooam.We went to our rooms changed from the costumes we were donning and rushed to Mustafa which was our saving grace since it is open 24/7.After shopping to our hearts content we reached the room by about 5am just took our bags and left for the airport as planned.Whew! That was fun though.
Alrighty people if you would like to see some pics from the show do check out Arul's site.
Take care and keep checking in.
Loads of Love and Regards to all of you!



Hey Shalini !!... The show was awesome..!! I was having so much fun.. Was practically almost gonna dnace gal.. All four of ull rocked.. Heard ull had loads of fun AFTER the show with smrithi and all.. with loads of shopping and all.. Lucky the hotel was near Mustafa Centre..


I wrote a review of the show on my blog..!


Hey shalini that was a huge surprise that U commented on my blog.. Will def tell u once I get the pics and videos..

Keep in touch...

Arul Prasad said...


Didn't know you guys went to mustafa. I live just over a couple of minutes walk from there!! If I knew, would've stalked you there! LoL

And hey, thanks for the mention about my photo pages there.

"Hi everybody, This is Arul!! The links to my photo pages are in the previous post's comments section"


Arul Prasad.

Akanathan said...

Hi Shalini

This is the first time I am seeing your blog. It is nice. Keep it up. I am from Bangalore.
I know you have come a long way since "Madras Girl"

Recently I saw your interview and you sang one song from kadhal. After listening to that for few seconds I just started loving that song. I did not come across so closely to that song previously and I realised how nice song it is.
My all time favourite song is Kaakka Kaakka - Ennai Konjam Matri. Really awesome. Very hi-tech song yet simple.

Actually I am a great fan of Illayaraja.

பிரியமுடன் பிரேம் said...

Hi shal!
wow...wow...what a beautiful show that was! amazing! yes...yes..i had bn there! i had bn enjoying ur show until 11.30 pm. but i went home early! beautiful songs! i had recorded your performances in my camera cell! if u meet Mr.Iyer, jus let him know, he was very handsome! all the singers....summa...summa dhool..dhool! i enjoyed well..u know, that was my first show enjoyed well than other shows. so far i never missed any show, but i enjoyed that one only much! bcoz i was sitting very close to the stage jus behind d Sugashini madam.
all the best shalini, when would u come again here! ok...take care! god bless u bye bye

daima said...

hi shalu,
i just joing this blogger,
i seen your post, its quite amazing for an busy singer working on the net,keep it up and i also from chennai,i am a great fan og u toooo

naz said...

hiiii!!! my gosh!! ur a blogger!! haha i came for the show!! man it was good!! the selection of songs was superb!! really had a good time!! do u mind if i link ur to my blog?? and i've uploaded some pics of the show on my blog too :P take care!! and keep blogging ya?

shweta said...

hi shalini

i heard the show was too good and all the singers enjoyed singing in the show. how was naresh other singers participation. what are the songs you and naresh sang

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