EQ or Entertainment Quotient

Hey All,
Thanks for all your nice comments on me and my blog.Truly appreciate it!
Just wanted to update you guys on whats happening.I have agreed to be a permanent judge on the Vijay TV show called "EQ".Its bigger and better this time.Really talented students from all over Tamilnadu are participating and it has been a terrible task to choose between so many good contestants.Judging the show along with me for Dance is Dance Master Shridhar and for Variety is Badava Gopi.We have three words which will categorize each performance.If its really good then its 'Semma',if it was just ok then it is 'Sumaar' and if it was pathetic then it is 'Sodhapal'.
It was great fun shooting though it went on till about 4.30 in the mornings.It was very hectic but nevertheless vgery very entertaining which was what kept me awake :-)
As for my other hidden talents...ummm....I guess writing is my other passion,so I would like to bring out a book someday...who knows...
do check out this site called Shelfari.Its for all you book lovers.Just a site to chill out and comment on the books you have read and discuss various others.
The release of the movie 'Inba' happened today.Sneha and Shyam are featured in it with a new kid on the block called 'Balaji' who has done a great job with the tracks.
Listen to it and let me know how you like it.
Alright viewers shows over.Will catch you guys soon with some more update on life...
TAke care and keep commenting on this blog :-)

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tamanna said...

thats great will check out your new song.Im on shelfari too! love the site

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