Have A Fantabulous Year!!!!

Hey Y'all,
Heres Wishing you a Fantabulous New Year!!!
I hope this year brings you good luck and cheer.
May there always be good health and Peace all around you!
May all your dreams come true and may this year be filled new beginnings and resolutions that you can keep..haha!!
Im going to most certainly try to keep my resolutions this year and get down to doing all that I missed out on in 07...
Hopefully this year will see more success and laurels and loads of moolah for everyone... :-)
Make Everyday Special Guys,I know Im Definitely Going To...
Live it Up King-Size This year and every single year that comes by!


pavithra teki said...

have a great year yourself.you should sing all the good songs this year!!

sanjana said...

happy new year 2 u 2!

Trinity said...

Blessed 2008!

By the way my hubby and i watch this EQ... and invariably what we comment is exactly the same you say after their performance!Keep the good work going. My wishes for more good songs this year.

To brief abt me..Singing is the passion my hubby and i share, we both sing in the John Millns Chorale, a western classical choir in chennai.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Shalini !
Y don't you reply to your bolg comments..it will cheer up ur fans :)
Hope you hav a successful and amazing year ever!

SHALINI said...

hi anon,
I do try replying if there is mail id maybe i should just reply through these comments.Thanks for all your wishes.Feels great when you guys comment.will be adding more stuff here so watch this space.
love and regards to all...

Gugan said...

Hi Shalini!!

Wishin u a rockin new year !!

thanks for ur comments on my blog!!Keep droppin in:)So i will!!

c ya!!

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