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As most of you know, today was the Saarang culturals.I end up judging there pretty much every year.Its always fun to get back to college culturals.I had gone this morning to judge the Light Music Vocal Solo event.It was certainly entertaining and got to hear some fantastic vocals.I must say,the standards of these competitions are becoming really high and its always a pleasure to hear budding talent.The first round was were the vocalsit either sang alone or with acoustic backing.The second round was interesting wherein the singer chose a song and sang 4lines and she/he then had to sing the same song to a different beat provided by the iitans.It was a cake walk for some and utter chaos for others.
There were three winners 2 males and one female vocalist who would be getting cash prizes.
I enjoyed my Sunday morning with this gala event and came back with fond memories of my cultural experiences...


Chandramouleswaran said...


You will enjoy more at Kuruksastra 2008 ma'am. We are waiting to see you rocking on stage.

Overall Co-Ordinator
Kuruksastra 2008

kannan said...


U will have the best of your cultural experience in Kuruksastra 2008 and we will have the same by listening to you. Hope you sing "Ennai Konjam" from Kaakha.... !

Kannan. N
Infrastructure Incharge
Kuruksastra 2008

SHALINI said...

sure looking forward to performing for all of you!

Anonymous said...

You rock Shalini and are definitely way ahead in terms of your singing whether this is live or a recorded version. I see so many singers fumbling in the live shows - it shows and yes- true calibre always stands tall!

Keep it up and look forward to a lot of songs from you this year...

- A big fan of yours

abi said...

Hey! This is my first time on your site..Im abi from kl,malaysia. I think its awesome that you have a blog so your fans know of whats happening around your life.Real people are pretty hard to come by nowdays hey! Anyway!! Wish you well and visit www.abinesh.com when you get the chance too;)

Martin said...

day zero of Saarang has become a karnatic music festival. The audience
were mesmerized by the songs of V V Subramanian & V V S Murari .. karthick’s soothing melodios songs and fire band freaking performance hold the attention of the audience in a splendid manner.
If you missed the event by partying with friends ,another chance for you to watch the event again. catch the videos in http://www.minglebox.com/saarang2008

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