Anna University's Techofest '08

Anna University's "Techofest" happened on the 15th of feb.I had been there to judge the finals of the Indian Music Group Contest.Though there was a bit of rain,it never dampened the students spirits.The show went on without a hitch and I thoroughly enjoyed the performances put up by the various groups.The first place went to Loyola College,the second to ABA College and the third to SSN College.Im happy to see that students are taking the trouble to put up a professional show and give it their best,which was very good indeed.Good going everybody!


JollyRoger said...

Heard you sing there. It is so wonderful to hear you live.

SHALINI said...

thanks alot! appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Ya, basically you are one of my top fav. singers. I just love the versatile of ur voice. especially "naaren..naanaaa.." in the middle of Gundu gundu penne' song from dhool was just cool. I particularly listen to that song to listen ur narenaaanaaaa.. part :)

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