Mellow Circle -Pratyasha-home for HIV affected children

The 10th of Feb 08 saw Mellow Circle put up a show for Pratyasha a home for HIV affected children.It was show conducted at the Museum Theatre.I performed two english songs for the show and there was an array of Western Musicians from Chennai.Arstistes like David Pascal,Poppy,Arjun Thomas,Sujan Daniel,Women of Worth,Octet Cantabile,Swapna Abraham,Mellow Circle Choir,E-flat,Mellowdee (Corporate singing contest ) winners Ajuba solutions,RR Donnelley and American Express had also performed.It was a fabulous musical treat for all the people who arrived there.It was great to be a part of such a good cause.For more details you can visit


Jothi said...

Hi.. I am sure you did a good job :)
Good luck with your forthcoming shows!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shalini

Thank you supporting Prathyasha - Home of Hope for HIV afecred children.

Look forward to your continued support.

Mohan Daniel
Trustee - Mellow Circle Prathyasha Trust

naughtyammu said...

Good Job Shalini ....

Anonymous said...

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