Holy Angels 75th Year Alumni Celebrations



It was a beautiful rainy day and my school Holy Angels celebrated its 75th Anniversary.My school brought back memories of those good old days when life was plain and simple.

The Platinum Anniversary Celebrations started at 2pm and went on till the late evening.It was such a trip down memory lane and I felt so refreshed at the sight of old friends seniors and juniors.I enjoyed the company of all the alumni’s and also the special programs put up by the juniors and a classical rendition by Gayathri.I too performed a couple of numbers and as you can see,we all had a blast!

I have always been very proud of being a Holy Angel :-) and I was even more proud that such eminent personalities like Indra Nooyi (Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo), Prithika Chary (First and Only Lady in India to be Qualified both as a Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon),had studied in my this very same school.

My school years will always be the best years of my life…

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Anonymous said...

When u proud of being part of this school. Mee too proud for putting my daughter in that school where a great singer like you studied

Proud Dad of Sree Keerthi, 5th Std

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