Cognizant- Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the bands happened at Cognizant last month where I got a peek into corporate life a wee bit.Cognizant has been on a spree to spruce up corporate life with loads of music and activities.They want to continue the tradition of culturals which get left behind somehow,once corporate life starts...There were rock bands,classical bands,fusion bands,gospel bands,tamil ones,hindi ones,malayalam,english ofcourse...i mean,name it and CTS had it! So they decided that I had to judge since I was comfortable with all genres and languages.Thankyou guys for having that trust in me.I was there from the prelims until the finals.These were the pics from the very first day.It was pouring like cats and dogs,rain kept pelting down so hard that sitting in my car,it sounded like a million stones being thrown on a tin roof! It was scary and mesmerizing all at once...What could make that better? well... some beautiful songs and some good vocals.I had it all that day :-)


Vijay Narain said...

Yup we had loads of fun too :) Thanks for coming akka :)

SHALINI said...

my pleasure :-)

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