Times Fresh Face 2010 @ M.C.C.

The Contest Fresh Face 2010 held by the Times Group is on in full swing.Its happening in many colleges across the city and other metros as well.You can showcase whatever talent you have and who knows…you could be the next Fresh Face of Chennai or Bangalore or any other! I cant remember having anything of this sort even 6-7 years back… Its absolutely amazing the kind of competitions that are taking place today Its everywhere! Be it if you are aspiring to be a singer /dancer/RJ/VJ/Chef/ etc etc etc its anywhere!!! at college/school/hotels/malls etc etc etc…

It was great to be back in MCC after a long time…I definitely expected more contestants but the contestant that came definitely made up for everyone who couldnt show up because of classes taking place then… I am amazed at the different voices that are churning out off late and the varied styles of dancing that are being performed like absolute Professionals.Its good,really.Kids are really taking things seriously these days :-)


JegaN said...

yeah its really a good news for Chennaities.......wish to be there to see it live

Anonymous said...

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