Time and Space Bound???

Ever feel that there's just not enough time,or that you just needed more space or a better place to do something,or something was just not possible????? well...i did think all these things until... I met this person...He is 75 years old,he is a salesman till date and was at the event that I was performing for to pick up his Award for Best Dealer.Compared to everyone else he has the smallest shop and he sells the most which is 30,000 units every year!I was truly inspired.I definitely felt that I was just giving myself excuses all these days...So I started with trying to write this blog! Yes my son is screaming his head off because I'm not looking at him and he has thrown all his toys on the floor( which will take hours to get back into their boxes) to entertain himself,I have heaps of clothes to keep in their shelves,loads of cleaning up to do and I have exactly 5 minutes to finish this blog as I have to give him his dinner,but I did it! yeyy! Try it!
P.S.-Did get to watch Avatar again today and it was brilliance personified! Will tell you about that probably when I put him to sleep and not doze off as I do everyday.Somehow man in the mirror is playing in the back of my head right now."If you want to make the world a better place,just look in the mirror and .... change!"


Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

SHALINI said...

hmmm ok.... didnt quite get what you were trying to say.But nevertheless thanks for writing in:-)

Arul Prasad said...

Boo. This post got me to get off my bed now.(12:30 PM on Sunday here). May be I'll set the man in the mirror as my alarm tone!

Thanks :)

SHALINI said...

haha! lol... yup thats a start :-)

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