I have just come back after watching the preview of the much awaited flick "Ravanan".I am still floating in the intensity and emotion of this absolutely brilliant work.Mani Sir has proved beyond doubt why he is the King...Its not the run of the mill boy meets girl-fall in love-gets beaten up-then suddenly realizes he has the super power to beat up 10 guys 10 times his size-then gets the girl and live happily ever after!!! Far from it! This story has the intensity that can light a fire! It has the emotion that can make you love the character or loathe it and then completely change your mind...Here the bad guys are actually the good ones and vise versa...Performances by Vikram,Prithvi and Ash were astounding!Vikram showed the world why he was in a Mani flick...He was brilliant beyond words! Prithvi was the best bet for his role and did absolute justice to his character.His acting skills are profound...Ash can open and close her eyes and say a million things!Her effervescent presence filled every frame that she was in.Prabhu and Karthik were strong pillars of support to the main characters and they played their part with elan. Being veterans,they definitely made their prominence felt. Priyamani was resplendent in beauty and acting!Though she had a smaller role,she proved her mettle and definitely deserves to be among the distinguished actresses of today.A special mention about Vayapuri who had played the role of a eunuch to the hilt.I dont think he has done something like this before,but he was also definitely appreciable.
Rahman Sir's music was exceptional! It completely was in line with the theme of the movie.The background score was illustrious and magnificient.
Frankly speaking this movie may not be to the liking of all movie goers as most people expect loads of masala...This is pure Cinema! Hats off to Santhosh Shivan's cinematography, which was splendid beyond doubt! and Mani Sir...We love your work and await your movies with bated breath...! I am so lucky to have been able to sing my first song for Rahman Sir for your film Ayidha Yezhathu...We want more!!!!


preetha nagarajan said...

wow .. thats wat i call a perfect review!! now i really need to watch that movie!

வினோத்குமார் கோபால் said...


a kind request...

please revert back or change some other template for the blog...
unable to read the content, its picking my eyes...

SHALINI said...

Preetha thanks and vinodh...done!

வினோத்குமார் கோபால் said...

this is looking nice...

പ്രണവം രവികുമാര്‍ said...

Nice write up Shalini.

Actually we need to give all the credits to Shri.Vikram as he did a magnificent job, acting both roles simultaneously.

Thanks for sharing!

Warm Regards

Pranavam Ravikumar

Sabu M H said...

Never I have seen such a pathetic movie before..
over acting by Vikram (never expected that from him!),
songs with african rythms and electronic guitar (in the forest sung by tribe!. Remeber the greatness of Raja Sir here).
our once-up-on-a-time heartthrob hero Karthik in a stupid role.. jumping over the boards and trees. shame.. it is an insult to the new movie makers in Tamil.. chennai28, paruththiveeran, subramanyapuram, angaditheru, kalavani.. and this!
I am not saying all the new movies or experiments are good. still they are trying something new something different.. expecting refreshingly new and different from a talented director like Mani Ratnam Sir. Sill remember the scenes in Mounaragam, kannathil muthamittal, Roja.. I found only few people dare to review his movies. Atleast these people should know what is happening around the globe!. watch 'kim ki duk' movies, old 'cinema paradiso', shankhank redemption..

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