Ambuli 3D

A new attempt in Chennai has been made with the production of 'Ambuli' by directors Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan. They are such a quiet duo and were always present during voice mixing giving their inputs and giving me a description of the scenes. I have lent my voice for two songs, one named 'Rock n Roll' by a composer called Sam who has done a couple of movies before and did a nice job of bringing in a retro feel since the situation demanded it. The other is called ' Happy farewell day' composed by Mervin. Strangely, I had chosen Mervin as the winner of the Times Fresh Face contest and years later I got to sing for him... I have sung this in English and wrote the lyrics myself too. Both songs are doing well and I having watched the video for the farewell song i Must say that it's very retro and very interesting.

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