Its two day's after our performance at 'Anna Centenary Auditorium' and I can still hear the haunting music of maestro Illayaraja's 'How To Name It'. I seem to be under some sort of spell, because I know Im talking, I know I'm doing different things but...I'm just not there...
Can I give a word that describes this... I think not...
It was an honor to be a part of this musical phenomenon.The audience were spell bound by the compositions and so was I. It brought tears to my eyes...need I say more.

Apart from playing pieces from the album 'How to  Name it' a few selected songs were chosen from the maestro's film collection and performed.Which was how I was a part of it. Om shivoham, Hey unnai thaane, Ninnai Charan Adaindhen, Janani Janani and  Va Va Pakkam Va & Ada Machamulla Machan which I lent my vocals for. Megam Kottatum was performed by the family which included Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik Raja, Premji Amaran and Venkat Prabhu.
The artistes who performed along with me were Sriram Parthasarathy, Haricharan, Priya,Vilasini and Sathyan.
The orchestra was a 40 piece ensemble with some big names like Baleshji, Rajesh Vaidhya, L.Subramaniam's son Ambi Subramaniam (who was phenomenal!) etc.
All thanks goes to the woman behind it all... Maestro's daughter herself Bhavatharini. She brought out the best in everyone with her calm and composed yet firm attitude. She opened the concert with Janani Janani dedicated to her Mother who passed away recently. She also sang a soulful Ninnai Charan Adaindhen.
The guests of Honor where none other than Maestro Illayaraja and Violin Maestro L.Subramaniam. The concert was all the more exciting when both the Greats came on stage and reminisced about their past and shared so many experiences which is every fans dream to know and hear. I certainly was blessed to be in the same vicinity as them, let alone perform in front of them.
Im just not able to recreate the magic that prevailed at the concert on this blog but I can share with you the pieces that were magnificently recreated by the amazingly talented musicians...

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