Ode to small coffins....

Today I hold my child a little closer
My kiss lingers a little longer
I laugh at his jokes a little harder 
Appreciate his handmade birthday card a little louder...

I'm scared... Scared for my child's future
Why should anyone be a victim of terror
Why should so many innocent suffer?
Why can't the killers be the ones in the coffer?

My tears don't hold back any longer
My heart physically aches at their torture
Burned,shot, beheaded and killed
A hundred and thirty six of them, now chillingly still....

Is there no end to the parents' misery
Their children... now part of a horrific history
They will relive each day in guilt and agony
As the survivors of a religious mockery

I feel your pain and I pray for you
That God will give you the strength to follow through
I'm sorry that I am helpless but remember you are not alone
The whole world has united so justice is atoned

Little angels of God now you are safe
I know you were brutally massacred in the name of faith
Your death is a gruesome reminder of minds revengeful and grim
You are a hero.... Here's your Ode...to your small coffin...


Rajeev Moothedath said...

A well written poem expressing the anguish of humanity in general & mothers in particular...

Shalini/Pop Shalini/Shalini Singh said...

Thanks Rajeev!

Jesica Reese said...

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Deepak joe franklin said...

Hey Shalini, Just came across your blog. Splendid and appreciate it. I often initiate me with the pesky desire to write poetry, only held back by the fact i have no talent:) poor me :)

singer said...

superb poem... I love to read it.. Thanks

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